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Panel Wood Furniture

panel with Solid wood furniture i.e Panel Wood Furniture: frame or foot(column) for solid wood, the main body for artificial panels. Such as related tables, cabinets, beds and so on.

Panel wood furniture means that the structure of furniture adopts a solid wood frame, while the surface part uses a variety of density plates, and the contact surface uses a variety of exquisite solid wood skins. Panel wood furniture is more common in antique furniture, such as American furniture, European furniture and other mainstream style furniture.
Furniture characteristics
Panel wood furniture means that the structure of furniture adopts a solid wood frame, while the surface part uses a variety of density plates, and the contact surface uses a variety of exquisite solid wood skins. The overall structure and stability as well as the beauty of furniture can be guaranteed under the condition of cost saving.
Structure and sheeting
Plate wood furniture with solid wood as a frame, the middle part is artificial plate, the surface is mostly made of solid wood skin and various paints. Panel wood furniture and board furniture also have common ground, board parts connecting part more use hardware.
The commonly used solid wood in board furniture is: Southwest Birch, oak, water willow, sapling, teak, maple, walnut, cherry and so on.
The combination of board and wood just takes into account the gravity that the solid wood can withstand and the non-deformable characteristics of the medium fiber plate, and the cost is relatively cheap. Whole wood furniture is generally common in Chinese classical furniture, and home furniture board wood furniture can adapt to different climates such as dryness or humidity because of the combination of board wood, and is even more practical than solid wood furniture.
first, the wooden furniture is beautiful. In the past, due to technical and technical problems, it was impossible to carry out veneer treatment. Only solid wood could be used for furniture splicing.
Panel wood furniture combines durability and beauty
Manufacturing, technology, and craftsmanship can all solve the problem of wood skin veneer, and can use different materials of wood skin to arbitrarily spell out the picture, so that the furniture countertops have more craftsmanship, which is more beautiful and more characteristic. In addition, It is also very difficult to draw from the skin of tree tumors, because the appearance of tree tumors is a special, but very beautiful, kind of wood skin formed by the bending of tree textures at the roots of trees or caused by external causes. This material can only be partially decorated and can not be applied to a large area. Therefore, the combined products of the board and wood are relatively beautiful, ornamental and valuable.
Second, the wooden furniture is more practical and solid. In the past, the products of pure solid wood, due to the characteristics of solid wood itself, encountered excessive temperature difference and other conditions. Over a long period of time, such as the North, there was heating or ground heating for 6.7 months. Large panels are prone to cracking, warping, deformation and other quality problems. If the use of plate-wood combined products, this situation will be avoided. Third, plate-wood furniture is more environmentally friendly, and a large number of trees are cut down worldwide for furniture manufacturing. However, precious trees need a ceRTAin amount of time to become wood. If all furniture is solid wood, the growth rate of trees will certainly not catch up with the speed of cutting, which will cause global environmental protection problems. Therefore, in principle, if the materials used are both precious wood species, It is unlikely that there are all solid wood products.
Utility of wood furniture
Materials scholars have racked their brains to study how to use the whole tree and the whole forest. For more than a hundred years, experts and scholars headed by Europe and the United States have developed medium-density fibreboard, plywood, particle board, and other artificial panels. Of course, the material of artificial panels is mainly wood, but all branches can be used. Therefore, there is a panel furniture with artificial panels.
However, some people do not want the furniture to use artificial panels, so there is a board wood furniture, adopt a middle way, board wood combination, for the board affixed a single board, so that the appearance looks like solid wood furniture, to meet the requirements of this part of consumers.
This is originally a very scientific approach, in fact, wood furniture can be more durable than solid wood furniture, stable. However, due to some scorns, the use of excessive formaldehyde glue in the production of rayon, coupled with the ignorance of the media, led to misleading consumers, thinking that rayon has "poison"(referring to formaldehyde excessive).

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