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Panel Furniture

panel furniture or Panel bedroom series 

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are based on man-made panels as the main substrate, with board as the basic structure of the combined furniture. The artificial panels used include fragrant panels, plywood, Joinery panels, particle panels, and medium fiber panels.

Panel furniture is all made of artificial panels and hardware connected by surface decoration. It has basic features such as detachable, varied shapes, stylish appearance, difficult to deform, stable quality, and affordable prices.
Panel Material details as follows below:
Plywood(plywood) is often used to make furniture that requires bending and deformation; The performance of the fine wood board is sometimes affected by the material of the plate core; Plane board(also known as particle board, bagasse board) material loose, only for low-grade furniture. The most cost-effective and most commonly used is the medium-density fibreboard(MDF). Common decorative materials for board furniture include thin wood(commonly known as wood skin), wood paper(commonly known as stickers), PVC rubber plates, and polyester paint(commonly known as lacquer).
Common artificial panels include fragrant boards, plywood, Joinery boards, planer boards, and medium fiber boards.
Fragrant board
The use of MDI glue does not produce formaldehyde pollution.
Plywood is often used to make furniture that needs bending and deformation. Due to the relatively large amount of plywood, formaldehyde content is difficult to control.
Joinery board
The performance of fine wood boards is sometimes affected by the material of the plate core.
particle board
The Solid wood grain plate that appears on the particle board market is actually a particle board. The quality of the particle board has been recognized by the public.
Medium Fiber
Medium density fibreboard with good plasticity can be used for sculpture.
Common decorative materials for board furniture include thin wood, melamine finishes, wood pattern paper, PVC rubber plates, and polyester paint surfaces. The last four types of finishes are usually used for low-and medium-grade furniture, while natural wood skin finishes are used for high-end products.
Composite multilayer board
It is a relatively high cost material that is compressed from a 6-8 layer of 3mm thick plate and has waterproof, anti-deformation and other effects.
The combination of board furniture usually uses a variety of metal hardware connections to facilitate transpoRTAtion, because the substrate breaks the original physical structure of the wood, so when the temperature and humidity change greatly, the shape of the man-made panel is better than that of real wood. Much better, Quality is more stable than that of solid wood furniture.
The common decorative materials for board furniture include thin wood, Melamine impregnated paper, wood grain paper, PVC rubber plate, and polyester paint surface. The last four types of finishes are usually used for low-and medium-grade furniture, while natural wood skin finishes are used for high-end products. Panel furniture is made of medium density fibreboard or planer board for surface coating and other processes. A large part of this furniture is wood pattern simulation furniture. The veneer of some Panel furniture sold on the market is more and more realistic. The gloss, feel, etc. are good, and the fine product is also very expensive. The natural wood skin finish is difficult to maintain because of the solid wood cover used. The wear resistance of the finish is high temperature waterproof, and it is much worse than the Melamine trim panel.
first, the color of the plate.
Select the popular colors you like, and look carefully at the production process, including the sealing edge, whether the structure of the furniture is reasonable, the hardware used mainly focuses on the durability factor, and it is recommended that you look at the problem and look at the cross section of the furniture plate. The surface is not equal to the inside good. The truly environmentally friendly sheet is made of fresh wood, so after cutting it, you can see white and fresh substrates. The particles are relatively large.
Second, smell.
Environmental furniture should have no pungent taste, not irritating eyes, nose, throat. The smell is mainly for formaldehyde release, environmental protection board furniture formaldehyde content is as low as possible, but in order to ensure the strength of the lower the better. It is recommended that you smell at the same time to see the certificate produced by the manufacturer, the content of formaldehyde promised to the insecure furniture manufacturers to the authority for testing.
Shopping tips
It is difficult to tell whether the furniture is made of paper or wood. The simplest method is to observe the pattern. The wood surface has natural joint scars, color difference and texture changes. The veneer is divided into Melamine veneer, solid wood skin surface, cat eye paper surface, fire board surface and so on. Among them, Melamine is resistant to scratch, high temperature, and water-immersion, and its texture style is varied and three-dimensional. Solid wood leather decorated with a variety of styles, modeled after solid wood furniture as a whole appear high-end. Cat's eye paper finishes, fire board finishes belong to the lower end of the trim, cat's eye paper finishes cheap but less practical; Fire-proof panel finishes are less environmentally friendly due to construction reasons.
Attention should be paid to the advantages and disadvantages of the sealing material, pay attention to the fact that the sealing edge is not uneven and warped. Furniture advice is to pay special attention to whether it is covered with six sides-although the use of non-formaldehyde binders, but man-made panels in the production process will more or less volatile gas, tight sealing edge, on the bedroom environment Of course there are benefits.
The first is the gap between the door seams and drawers of furniture. If the gap is large, it means that the workmanship is rough and the time is long. The second is a single box or double box, usually, in addition to the outside of a layer of board, there should be a layer of panels inside the furniture, this is called double box, double box furniture is beautiful and strong.
Is there a mark on the paint? Is the paint in the corner too thick? Any cracks or bubbles? These are all for scrutiny. Also ask the salesperson, the furniture has been painted a few. As many times as possible, of course.
combination slot
From the joint slot and the hole, you can see whether the Panel furniture is medium density or particle board. One of the best methods is to carefully observe the joint slot and the hole, where the internal structure is exposed, and you can see that It is a particle board or a medium density board.
Hardware use, easy to disassemble and assemble combination is the biggest advantage of Panel furniture, so the quality of the connecting parts and the quality of the entire furniture is closely related. The quality of hardware depends on whether it has been verified or not, and imported large brands also have poor quality products.
The maintenance of Panel furniture includes the following aspects:
Steady placement.
The floor of the board furniture must be kept flat and the four legs balanced. If furniture after placement, in the state of frequent wobble and wobble, the tenon or fastening parts will inevitably fall off and the bonding part will crack, thus affecting the use effect and reducing the furniture life. In addition, if the ground is soft and the furniture is not balanced, do not use wooden boards or iron pieces to cover the furniture legs, so that even if the balance is maintained, it is difficult to evenly force the interior structure of the furniture. The only way to compensate for this is to repair the ground. Or use a slightly large area of hard rubber plate in the South, so that the furniture four legs flat ground.
Dust removal
It is best to use pure cotton knitting to remove the dust from the furniture, and then use a fine soft wool brush to remove the dust in the depression or embossing. Paint-treated furniture, avoid cleaning with gasoline or organic solvents, can be polished with colorless furniture to enhance luster to reduce falling dust.
Avoid Yang placement
The placement of furniture is best not to be direct sunlight, often the sun will make furniture paint film faded, metal accessories easily oxidized, wood easy to brittle. In summer, it is best to use curtains to cover the sun to protect the furniture.
Indoor humidity
It's to keep the humidity in the room and not let the furniture get damp. The use of humidifiers in the spring and autumn season should be limited time to prevent excessive humidity and hurt furniture, such as wood decay, metal parts Rust, adhesive parts easy to break off. Usually cleaning furniture as little water as possible, more need to avoid the use of alkaline water, only the use of wet cloth to clean water, and then clean with dry cloth.
As long as you do the above points, your flat furniture will not be so easily deformed.
Use a wrung wet towel to avoid painting.
Avoid moisture and sun exposure.
Avoid contact with corrosive liquids such as acids and bases.
Panel furniture most afraid to drag, small pieces of furniture need to move, to lift the bottom of the furniture, large pieces of furniture is best to ask professional companies to help.
When placing the furniture must be flat, solid, to avoid partial suspension resulting in furniture deformation. Move the furniture, must the four corners at the same time vigorously lift, avoid dragging on the ground, so as not to affect the service life of the furniture.
Furniture fabrics should be used dry cleaning, as far as possible to avoid washing, so as not to fade; Leather and other parts of the application of leather cleaning, avoid washing with soap, washing powder and so on.
Production process
1, cut fresh logs; 2, peel off the bark to remove the medulla core; 3, shredded into fiber; 4, 200 degrees high temperature disinfection, sterilization, drying to 25 % moisture content; 5, add environmental protection resin glue catalyst(containing formaldehyde); 6, paving; 7,400 tons of high pressure at a high temperature of 200 degrees; 8, plate windmill cooling; 9, kill on both sides; 10, plate anti-deformation health.
The production process of layout furniture is:
1, computer open material; 2, mechanical sealing edge; 3, high-speed drill; 4, mechanical forming; 5, quality inspection; 6, mechanical sand light; 7, fill putty; 8, seal fixed bottom; 9, manual grinding; 10, again quality inspection; 11, spray primer; 12, repeated grinding; 13, spray paint; 14, dust dry; 15, again quality inspection; 16, three layers of packaging; The whole process is scientific, rigorous and fully in line with international standards.
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