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French Furniture

French furniture style
The French style of home life reflects the French romantic place. The French decorative art style is most concentrated in the design of furniture. The main feature is the symmetry of the axis, the magnificent momentum, and the elegance and elegance of the layout. The details of the treatment of carved flowers, lines, the production of fine craft.
The overall golden brilliance is self-evident: the fine carving of the bedside tail, Zhuang heavy and generous, elegant style, fully demonstrate the noble identity and status of the owner. It is like being in the castle palace and returning to the classical times of the 156th century.
French Rococo style furniture
On the sofa, the colors are added to the background, no longer a big one. The whole avoids the dark color and gets rid of the heavy gas. Look under, has the exquisite carving craft, the fashionable atmosphere appearance modelling, exudes the rich French classical breath.
The color of the old white is very clean, very eye-catching, in the simple without losing elegant breath. In the technology of the table and chairs, pay attention to the details of the design, the shape of the gold edge, is more luxurious. Whether it is dining, or afternoon tea time, people can have a kind of fantasy into the aristocratic life circle.
The overall style of the cabinet has a gorgeous and thick effect, especially on the handle and the side of the cabinet. It uses 18K gold foil and is gorgeous in color, forming a solemn and luxurious atmosphere in the room.
In general, French-style furniture can be divided into four types: neoclassical, Gothic, Rococo, and Baroque. Among them, Rococo style is famous for its smooth lines and aesthetic shapes, and it has been widely recognized and respected. Rococo style has feminine softness. The most obvious feature is the chair legs based on ballet. You can feel the elegance and elegance, and the rhythmic beauty that blends into the furniture.
Baroque features include: common complex decorative carvings such as flowers, leaves, animals, angel faces and so on. Most of the furniture is covered with shiny gold foil. In the back of the chair, armrests, and chairs, beautiful curved legs are used. Among them, the legs of the chair are the most common lion claws. Seat seats and seat backs are respectively designed with cushions, all of which are woven with gorgeous brocade to increase the comfort of riding.
French neo-classical furniture abandoned the complicated decoration that began in the Rococo style period, and pursued the beauty of simplicity and nature while retaining the line outline features of European furniture. In style and detail, it emphasizes the comfort and sense of the times of furniture. French neoclassical simplified the complicated lines and decorations, like the use of walnut, mahogany, eucalyptus and ebony, etc., mainly carved, gold-plated, embedded wood, inlaid ceramics and metal and other decorative methods. Decorative themes include roses, fruits, leaves, torches, harps, pots, Greek stigma, sphinx, Roman gods, helmet warriors, garlands surrounding the "N" letter, Laurel trees, bouquets, ribbons, bees and wars About the subject matter, etc..

In accordance with the principle of typical French style, the table and dining chairs are all beige, with slightly carved surfaces, and with the curved curvature of the armrests and chair legs, they are elegant and Noble. In the White curling cuRTAins, crystal chandeliers, floor lights, bottles inserted in the lily, romantic fresh feeling came.

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