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Combination Furniture

combined/combination furniture is a multi-functional furniture that integrates multiple functions, occupies less, is flexible, has a simple function, and has a strong practicality. While letting your living space be released, it will also make our life easier.
The combination furniture is based on the characteristics of the board furniture, designed to make a variety of furniture that covers a small area, many functions, simple and novel shape, and a lot of things. For example, a modern combination cabinet covers an area of less than 6 square meters and has functions such as a large cabinet, a bucket cabinet, a food cabinet, a bookcase, and a writing desk. It can be used to meet various requirements for use and can produce different furnishings. effect.
The quality standards for composite furniture are as follows:
1) Whether the appearance color is consistent, there is no leakage color and uneven coloring;
2) whether the paint has bubbles, hemp, uneven, too thick or too thin(not full) phenomenon, whether the gloss effect is good or not;
3) The symmetry of the pattern of the material is good;
4) Whether the material is optimized, the material is good, the material is consistent, there is no wood mess, and the plywood or plywood has no rubber, cracking, and there are no bad marks and clutter;
5) whether the process is advanced, such as: whether the wood is heat-treated, the degree of evaporation of water, the degree of future deformation, etc.;
6) whether the production is excellent, whether there is open glue, crack phenomenon, good finish, especially whether the joints(adhesive or nail) are firm, and whether the gate is flat, the gap gap is not beautiful, anastomosis, etc.;
7) ease of use, including whether the drawer is flexible, light and durable;
8) whether the metal parts are rusty, whether the electroplating parts are peeling and there is no scratch;
9) There are no bubbles in the mirror and glass, whether the luster is consistent, whether the portrait is clear and regular;
10) putty fill with no leaks, cracks, color and furniture as a whole;
11) Whether the shape is beautiful and suitable.
The combined furniture not only embodies the style integration, the convenience of life, and the cleanliness of the environment, but also combines fashion and trend to make life more convenient.
1, the combination of furniture design functions are complete, due to ordinary home. The combined furniture is generally equipped with a folding desk, a folding bed, and a folding dressing table. Usually, the space is limited. Open the folding desk to work and study when needed, open the folding bed to sleep, and open the folding dressing table to dress up. Shows the multifunctional nature of an object.
2, the combination of furniture covers a small area, easier and the whole family decoration style unified. The rooms generally available to newly married families are not very large. This situation will not change greatly in a short period of time. In order to purchase furniture, we can not but take into account the characteristics of being both convenient to use and occupying as little area as possible. The combination furniture has this characteristics. For example, a combined furniture consisting of four monomers, such as a bookcase, a wardrobe, a small wardrobe, and a miscellaneous cabinet, is divided into four pieces of furniture, which occupies an area of 3-4 square meters and is combined into a group of furniture. It can account for less area of 1.5 to 2 square meters. The choice of suspension combination furniture, but also can not occupy the ground and make full use of space.
3, the combination of furniture design more economical materials, easier to make. At present, the traditional furniture commonly used in rural areas in China is mostly framed furniture with mortise structure. Although this kind of furniture is Solid, it wastes materials and is more complicated to make. With the industrialization of furniture making, such homes may gradually be eliminated. The combination of furniture is different. It integrates several different functions of furniture into one, and it is necessary to add some metal components for connection when making it, which can save a lot of support, columns, walls, roof, and floor. This kind of furniture is easy to standardize the production line, saving labor intensity and workload, greatly reducing the cost.
4, easy to use and assembly, more convenient to move. With the deepening of reform, the flow of talents in our country will become more and more frequent, and urban residents generally live in buildings. In this way, the use of single large cabinets, large bookcases, five cupboards, etc., migration and transpoRTAtion is inconvenient. The combined furniture is connected by metal components, easy to dismantle and install, a set of furniture seems to be huge, and can be separated and moved by one person.

 combination furniture-Lustyhome Furniture

combined furniture-Lustyhome Furniture

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