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Classical furniture

Classical furniture is mainly divided into two categories:
1, valuable old-style furniture, mainly refers to the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty four or five hundred years of furniture, this period is the peak period of traditional Chinese furniture production. This part of the furniture has acquired cultural value and is therefore expensive. Because of the scarcity of raw materials, there are fewer and fewer old furniture purchased from the private sector, and one less piece is sold, so old-style furniture is only up and down.
2, imitation Ming and Qing furniture, modern technical workers inherited the furniture production and sales of furniture since the Ming and Qing dynasties, but such classical furniture is also made of good materials, so the price is also very expensive.
In the purchase of imitation classical furniture, to distinguish between the material, is the pear wood or chicken wing wood, is the acid branch wood or rosewood wood, are very particular. If a piece of classical furniture is marked as sour wood or rosewood, and the price is very cheap, it must not be true. If the price is true, it also depends on its specific material, because each material is also high, medium, and low. For example, there are more than a dozen kinds of rosewood. When feeding, 1 cubic meter is from several
Thousands of yuan to more than 100,000 yuan in prices, so it is difficult to distinguish as non-professional consumers, which requires consumers to buy in reputable manufacturers and stores.
If you are interested in a expensive classical furniture, you must find someone who knows what you are doing. When purchasing, carefully check the appearance and detail of each piece of furniture, such as whether the feet of classical furniture are smooth and horizontal; The binding density of the mortise head to see if there are traces of moths; Whether the drawer door switch is flexible; The wood pattern at the junction is not smooth and smooth.
Chinese classical homes are generally divided into two categories: the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty. In the Ming Dynasty, the home was characterized by simplicity and simplicity, while in the Qing Dynasty, the home paid attention to meticulous carving and incorporating folk stories and myths and legends into the Diaoliangdong, showing a kind of elegant and noble atmosphere.
1, nostalgia and sentiment: psychologically speaking, the farther away from an era, the more people have a sense of mystery about that era, more longing for the era of that era. In the memory and absorption of the culture and nutrition of that era, we will find some refined feelings when we live in the middle of several ancient poems.
2, natural and simple: China's ancient home decoration, in the use of wood is fine wood; In the decoration process, its content is taken from all things in nature, such as flowers, birds, insects, birds and animals, landscapes, trees, and humans in the sky. It will be rich in imagination and beautiful meanings. For example, bats, sika deer, monsters and magpies appeared in the Qing Dynasty home school, aiming to take their homonym. In the portrayal of the characters, it is often a smile on the face, reflecting the Chinese nation's perseverance and optimism up a spiritual style.
3, atmosphere and overflowing: Ancient furniture is mostly decorated with large and bright rooms, such as a few bars in the middle hall, screens and beds in the bedroom and so on. Today's modern home, the space of the hall and bedroom are constantly expanding, so furniture like a few feet has its place again, and three or four meters long strips are placed in the large living room, which seems very smooth and grand. It is an excellent tool for displaying handicrafts. Together with its own fine carving, it further creates an artistic atmosphere.

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