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American Furniture

American Solid red oak                                 North American style

American furniture           

American furniture, as its name implies, is style furniture from the United States. American furniture is the most typical representative of colonial style furniture. It is one of the typical American furniture. As the largest colony in Europe, American furniture integrates the styles of European countries and creates a new style of home.

American furniture includes the styles of many European countries, including France, Germany, Spain, and Italy.
Perhaps you are unfamiliar with exotic styles of furniture. After visiting a variety of dazzling European and American classical and modern furniture, American furniture may be the easiest to feel close to. Most people's first visual impression of American furniture is that it is large, heavy, and comfoRTAble. Indeed, comfort is the first element of American furniture. When Americans buy beds and sofas, they are used to sitting on them first to experience their comfort. If they are uncomfortable, the shape of the furniture, the workmanship, and so on will not be seen.
Also, the easy thing about American furniture is its practicality. The American Manufacturers 'Association divides furniture majors into living rooms, restaurants, bedrooms, study rooms, kitchens, toilets, etc., and divides them into consumer classes and types of living. The divisions are clear, and the pieces are closely connected with modern life., Consumers are always able to choose the most suitable furniture they need. This is the basic attribute of American furniture that is people-oriented and close to life, but it is more important to meet people's cultural and aesthetic needs. Just as the United States is a diversified society, American furniture embodies the spirit of multicultural integration. Its style is diverse and inclusive. American furniture includes antique, neoclassical style furniture, unique country style, and simple, life-style furniture.
The antique style furniture is based on the lifestyle brought about by immigrants from various countries in the late European Renaissance. It is a nostalgic emotion for European nostalgia and a civilian variation of European royal furniture. With the rise of the emerging bourgeoisie in the Americas, they are not completely reborn, but rather have a choice of European classical culture, embodied in furniture, simplifying the decoration of symbolic rights and paying more attention to practicality. As we can see from the antique furniture, the outline and styling also originated from European furniture, while the sculpture is simple, only carved in the legs, pillars, crown and other places, there is no large area of sculpture and excessive decoration, and it is more comfortable to use. It can be said that more emphasis on style, appreciation and comfort inheritance.
In American furniture, the rural style has always occupied an important position, reflecting the pioneering spirit of the early American ancestors and advocating freedom and loving the personality of nature. It has a simple shape, bright colors, natural materials, simple, practical and durable. American furniture mostly uses walnut, cherry wood and oak. The paint is mainly in a single tone and is combined with leather, cloth, iron, marble, glass and other materials. The processing of materials deliberately emphasizes nature and functionality, and uses seemingly unprocessed log materials to make Ping An furniture to highlight its natural texture. This is reflected in the various styles of American furniture. On the surface of the furniture, you will see many "flaws", such as insect erosion of wooden eyes, traces of fire, file marks, hammer prints, and so on. This was originally a special painting process for American furniture-`` making old ". Create a kind of time to sharpen the trace, show the character of the wood, cater to people's nostalgia, and longing for the natural inner desire.
Since the United States is an immigrant country and its immigrants come to various countries in Europe, its furniture also contains elements from various countries in Europe. There are classical British Anninvwang, modern British mission elements, and French Louis XIV. Baroque style, Luyishiwu's Rococo style, Luyishiliu's neo-classical style, and German, Italian, Spanish elements. So these elements, in the end, are all integrated in the United States.
American furniture expresses American nostalgia for history and popularizes European royal furniture.
The basis of American furniture is the lifestyle brought about by immigrants from various countries in the late European Renaissance. It simplifies classical furniture of English, French, Italian, German, Greek, and Egyptian styles, combining function and decoration. We all know that European furniture is mostly tall and grand, like European buildings, brilliant and gilded, and that only royal aristocrats can afford it, so American furniture will civilian such royal furniture. The style of tall and grand still remains. However, natural solid wood will be selected on the material, and Europeans will pay attention to detailed carvings, but they will not be overly publicized, and they will pay more attention to the practicality of furniture.
American furniture expresses the casual and comfortable style of Americans, turning home into a place to release stress and relieve fatigue.
Americans are arguably the most "lazy" people in the world, but they are also the ones who enjoy life the most. Every weekend, they forget all the work stress of the week, open their doors, return home, and change into casual clothes. The casual and comfortable nature of the American furniture is the biggest feature of a casual couch, a newspaper, a cup of coffee, a television, a family meal and a complete return to natural life. Unlike European furniture, which emphasizes its fancy, it feels like a real home, not a return to a five-star hotel or office, so American sofas, chairs, will be larger, more spacious, and more comfortable. It is comfortable and casual to go home as soon as you see it.
The American family has a strong personality and expresses the American spirit of pursuing freedom and advocating innovation.
American furniture often has totems that express American cultural concepts, such as elephants, salmon, lions, eagles, leaves, etc., as well as totems that reflect Indian culture. Once there was a guest who traveled in the United States. Tell me, one day, He and his wife rested at night in a small hotel in the American countryside. At night the man got up and saw only a room full of various nameless totems. Even the lamp had a monkey on it and raised carvings on the furniture. All like an animal, eyeing you, not to mention those decorations, feel strange. In fact, this is also a feature of American furniture, a totem, a sculpture is an interesting story. Nostalgia, romance and respect for time are also the best things to say about American furniture
American furniture uses good wood, generally thick, strong, durable. A piece of American furniture can be used for decades. For hundreds of years, grandfather used to pass it to his father and father used to pass it to his son. In an American family, if you have a piece of grandmother's furniture, it will be the most eye-catching place in the family. This is a kind of pride for Americans. Moreover, American furniture is less magnificent than European furniture, with gold and silver,
Keep it wide, comfortable, and more practical. And the practicality of American furniture is reflected in his multifunctional, because American furniture is larger, so it is more convenient to apply, and according to the style of design, many American furniture like a wardrobe, may also be used as a television cabinet. Some cupboards can be used to make a dresser, which greatly enhances his practicality.
Before the independence of the United States, it was occupied by European colonial countries. This also led to the introduction of a large amount of European culture into the United States. After independence, The rapid development of American culture and the European integration have formed a unique American style and American-style furniture.
American furniture has already presented very distinctive features: atmosphere, grace, luxury, rich, which may be created with the national pride of the American nation itself! Therefore, whether it is American classical furniture or American pastoral furniture has a kind of elegant gorgeous.
Americans worship antiquity, so classical style(big American) has always dominated American furniture. Tall, heavy shape, delicate details, primitive, natural, simple color, giving a sense of expensive and not exposed. Old, is a major feature of the classical style, wind erosion, insect frogs, spray damage, sickle marks, ponytail, earthworm marks. .. .. .. .. .. It is often used in American classical furniture.
The bed is made in American style.
Neo-classical style from simple to complex, from the whole to the local, fine carving, carved gold is impressive. On the one hand, it retains the general style of material and color. It can still strongly feel the historical traces and rich cultural heritage of the tradition. At the same time, it also abandons the overly complex texture and decoration and simplifies the lines. Looking at all design ideas and all design styles is nothing more than an attitude towards life. When carefully designed for the owner is more suitable for modern people living, functional and beautiful classical style, whether or not to grasp the customer's needs can actually put forward higher requirements for designers. Whether furniture or accessories with their elegant, aesthetic posture, calm and rich connotation of the charm, depicting the owner of the room elegant, aristocratic identity. Common fireplaces, crystal lamps, and Roman pillars are also the finishing touches of the neo-classical style. Elegance and harmony are synonymous with neoclassical style. white and decoration together, so that the color looks bright, generous, the entire space to open, tolerance of extraordinary gas, let people do not show the slightest cramped. The neoclassical style is more like a diversified way of thinking. It combines the romantic feelings of ancient times with the modern people's needs for life, and is compatible with elegant elegance and modern fashion, reflecting the individual aesthetic views and cultural tastes in the post-industrial era.
Neo-classical furniture with Roman style pillars
The American pastoral style, also known as the American country style, belongs to the natural style and advocates "returning to nature". In the indoor environment, it strives to express the idyllic taste of leisure, ease, and nature. Natural wood, Stone, Vine, bamboo and other simple textures are often used. It is clever to set up indoor greening to create a natural, simple and elegant atmosphere.
American painting
Refers to the painting of furniture suitable for use in Europe and the United States and other regions. Its characteristics mainly reflect retro and return to nature, fully showing the original nature of wood. It has a clear texture and a strong three-dimensional color. American painted furniture creates a natural, simple, nostalgic life.
American painting is one of the essence of American furniture. From the processing of wood itself to the completion of more than a dozen processes, each process is refined, so American furniture is generally relatively high relative prices.
Country style
In the United States, from the interior design to home furnishings design rural style has always occupied an important position, the American rural style has a very special nostalgia, romantic complex, This complex also makes the country style of the United States able to compete with the classical style of court style. In the world, most people's longing for comfortable and relaxed rural life has reached the point where they are almost obsessed. The vitality of nature itself is enough to arouse all "living bodies".
In fact, the American country style does not have a strict definition of the entire home furnishings design from the furniture product. American rural style also actively carries out its own system perfection and style division in the long-term design changes, such as simple and pure natural rural style; Deep and elegant classical country style; The pursuit of luxurious experience of the advanced country style; As well as a variety of design and decoration style in one of the modern rural style and so on. But no matter what kind of "country" it is, the American country style emphasizes a kind of worker's freedom, diligence and pioneering romantic natural feelings.
American country style furniture is based on the natural tone of logs in color, and the overall color atmosphere of white, red, green and brown rooms is more common. Especially in the color selection of walls and furniture and furnishings-nature, nostalgia, and color that exudes a rustic atmosphere are typical features of the American country style. Most wallpaper also choose pulp products that are rich in mechanism and natural in texture.
American homes are usually large, and people like to put "expressive" wallpapers on the walls and paint colorful paint. Most of the decorations are made of iron, cotton, pottery, and porcelain. Pure and even slightly rough textures are often painted with colorful large-scale flower patterns. The ground of pure wood or pure stone is accompanied by two or three pure wool carpet from Mexico, Nepal or Shandong, China. It is naturally warm and very "atmospheric."
Flowers are a very representative element of the American country style, ranging from bedding to sofas, cushions and other textile products, but those with large or large flower patterns are likely to be used by American families to decorate the "village" series. Home. Their unique fresh smell of the countryside, just take a look, free, warm and comfortable feelings will jump into the heart.
Among American-style furniture, the fabric decorated with abstract prints looks light and elegant. Typical are auspicious flower patterns, fruit patterns, or other interesting cartoon patterns.
American sofa
With the world's popular natural wind, consumers increasingly appreciate modern casual natural style furniture. Natural style furniture mostly emphasizes natural materials such as raw wood, and emphasizes a variety of changes in the arrangement of combinations, together with some functional designs, which are well received by fashion people.
In general, such furniture is designed to express its own unique style, reflecting the philosophy of personal life. The representative of this style is American furniture. Among the American furniture in the domestic market, the sofa is the most popular. The main features of this American sofa are:
1, with warm and soft colors. Due to the emphasis on the natural style of the home, the American sofa is mainly refreshing, soft, and comfortable in the selection of colors.
2, pay attention to plain design lines. American casual sofa does not emphasize creativity, but tends to be friendly home style, pays attention to traditional furniture design, and emphasizes environmental protection materials on material. Such as the use of antibacterial fabrics and so on.
3, emphasis on casual natural placement. According to the relevant person who sells American couches, American couches do not particularly emphasize the design and placement of groups, but also advocate free collocation, mainly emphasizing personal preferences.
For the purchase of American sofas, the industry believes that if you buy a complete set of American sofas of 1 +2 +3, the living room area is best at more than 20 square meters. For the smaller living room space, you can also enjoy a comfortable feeling if you match it properly. For example, you can choose a three-person sofa with a single rocking sofa or a single chair.
The American sofa surface is covered with high-grade cloth that is densely woven with thick latitude and longitude lines. High-quality sofa observation surface can be seen on the fabric of the needle feet, shaking the sofa with hands will not shake.
American Design
There is nothing to be proud of in American National design. It has no German Bauhaus innovation, no Italian Renaissance origins, and no Spanish or Danish fine craftsmanship traditions. But on this uncultivated land of furniture design, Americans have worked hard for more than half a century to see brilliant fruits. This is the "American Dream of Furniture Design." After the Second World War, the United States experienced "modernism" and "post-modernism". In the late 1980s, the "art furniture movement" began to become popular. It boldly set aside tradition in modeling and fully demonstrated personality. After the 1990s, furniture with free expression began to become fashionable. The simple elements of color, structure, and lines showed creative light in furniture design, and under the influence of conceptual art, a unique American aesthetic was formed. The United States is a big country in furniture production and the largest consumer market for furniture. The items made of natural materials such as solid wood, cotton, and hemp make people seem to return to the embrace of nature. Therefore, American furniture that emphasizes natural comfort and warmth and freehand writing has become more and more popular.
1, most of the wood used for solid wood Meilin furniture is mostly made of mahogany, Cherry, maple and pine. It is reported that mahogany and cherry wood belong to precious wood that takes decades or even hundreds of years to become wood, and maple wood also needs 40 years to become wood. These carefully selected materials have established a good foundation for the further modeling of the furniture. The surface of the furniture is carefully decorated and carved, showing unique characteristics.
2, style rugged atmosphere, American furniture compared to Italian and French furniture, style is more rugged. It is not only in the material it uses, but also in the overall feeling it gives people. On some American-style classical style furniture, the coating is often used to do old treatment, using sharp devices to form pits on the surface of the furniture.
3, advocating classical charm American furniture is a common neo-classical style furniture. This style of furniture is designed to emphasize elegant sculptural and comfortable design. While retaining the color and texture of classical furniture, it also pays attention to adapting to modern living space. We can see gorgeous maple benders, Maples or walnut mosaics, twist-like handlebars, and furniture leg shapes that mimic animal shapes.
Stylish American furniture with special emphasis on comfort, style, practicality and versatility. From the modeling point of view, American furniture can be divided into three categories: antique, neoclassical and country style. Antique style: American furniture is based on the lifestyle brought about by immigrants from various countries in the late European Renaissance. From many classic furniture works handed down from generation to generation in the 18th and 19th centuries, it can be seen that due to the pioneering spirit of the early American ancestors and the principle of advocating nature, furniture with elegant shape but not excessively decorated became a representative of typical American furniture.
4, neo-classical style: in the classical furniture designers in the process of innovation and change came into being. The designer combines classical style with personal unique style and modern spirit, making classical furniture appear colorful and become the main feature of neoclassical style.
5, country style: has always occupied an important position in American furniture, because of its simple shape, bright, and practical, has long been loved by consumers around the world. In the 1998 furniture exhibition, a multi-functional design was added. The appearance and materials remained natural and simple. The hidden design drawer contained space to make it look cleaner and more beautiful. On the whole, American furniture conveys simple, casual, organized, multi-functional design ideas, making the family a net place to release pressure and liberate the mind. The most fascinating thing about American furniture is the delicate and noble shapes, textures, carvings, and shades. The interesting place reveals an ancient and long-lasting fragrance. In general, American furniture must go through several stages of homework to highlight American style. Different kinds of rare textures of different wood and different parts, and even special textures due to pathological changes in the growing period of trees, are the favorite of American furniture. Secondly, the wood is treated by natural drying and drying furnace drying method, removing the gap between the wood and moderately shrinking the gap between the lines to avoid curled deformation. The third step is to select the wooden material. Most of the best wood comes from the center of the wood and is close to the lower part of the trunk, while the central wood is usually darker than the new wood or the outer wood. High-grade furniture tends to select good parts of wood to increase texture and value. Nostalgia, romance, and respect for time are the best comments on American furniture.
6, simple style
The American furniture style is mainly rooted in European culture. When we say "American" furniture, we generally mean Federal Style. Federal furniture is similar to neoclassical furniture, which was popular in Europe after 1760. Neoclassicism abandons the novelty and Splendour pursued by the Baroque and Rococo styles, and is based on a new understanding of the classical, emphasizing concise, clear lines and elegant, decent decoration.
American furniture and European furniture are very different in handling some details. For example, American furniture is mainly painted in a single color, while European furniture is mostly decorated with gold or other colors.
Another important feature of American furniture is that it is more practical, such as a table dedicated to sewing; Can be extended, or split into a small table table. However, both European and American furniture attach importance to decoration. They are often inlaid and decorated with paint or bas-relief. American furniture requires a strict painting process for style, and a large volume is another feature of American furniture. The turtle split paint used for the back of a sofa chair in a pure and beautiful family used 19 processes for its painting. This feature also requires consumers to choose American furniture, on the basis of a full understanding of the characteristics and style of American furniture, but also to the home school jewelry, home environment and home color matching and other aspects of a certain understanding. An industry insider said: "Ordinary consumers are first decorated and then bought furniture, and for American furniture, furniture should be ordered first, and then according to the characteristics of the furniture to choose the decoration plan. In this way, the overall environment of furniture and living room can be harmonious and unified. American furniture most taboo and modern decoration style of the bedroom match. In addition to the indoor style of harmony and unity, American furniture also pay attention to the rationality of color collocation. For example, the bed in the bedroom is warm brown, so the main color of the bedroom is suitable for blue, red or khaki, such a room can be more obvious to the owner's taste and cultural temperament.
Pay attention to the details, because the style is relatively simple, details processing is particularly important. The hardware decoration in American furniture is more elegant. There are hundreds of shapes in a small handle. It is these gadgets that make American furniture more stylish. Do not think American furniture process is simple, a design of furniture, the veneer made of bamboo, feel as smooth as silk. The American bed is very distinctive, with a high column and a roof. The bed is tall because it has two mattresses, which are said to be more flexible. The chair is the most representative of the "Queen Anna" style in the United States: the top of the chair is yoked, decorated with bas-relief, the back of the chair is a vases, and the seat is made into a horseshoe-shaped U-shaped, but all the carvings are Not too complicated, This style is considered to be based on the style of Chinese furniture.
American pastoral style outstanding style is elegant and comfortable, the appearance is elegant and casual, the color is mostly light and elegant slate color and Gudongbai, random graffiti flower patterns are the mainstream features, the lines are casual but pay attention to clean and able. Compared to other styles of furniture, its furniture category is the most extensive.
The American pastoral emphasizes the interaction between family members, the distinction between private space and open space, and the practicality and firmness of furniture and daily necessities. American pastoral furniture usually has simplified lines, rough volumes, Its selection of materials is also very extensive: solid wood, printed cloth, handmade textile materials, linen fabrics, and naturally cut stone ... The pastoral style has long occupied an important position in American furniture.
It should be said that it has abandoned the cumbersome and luxurious, both classical beauty and neoclassical functional equipment, both concise and easy to handle, and is naturally more suitable for the daily use of modern people.
If you have an old piece of furniture used by your grandmother, be sure to put it in the most visible position in your room. It is a symbol of your emphasis on culture and history.
The originator of American furniture dates back to the lifestyle brought about by immigrants from various countries in the late European Renaissance. From many of the classic furniture handed down from generation to generation in the 18th and 19th centuries, it can be seen that the pioneering spirit and the principle of advocating nature of the early American ancestors were elegant and not excessively decorated.
American furniture love to do the old craft, is also caused by this antique complex. On the surface of the original shiny furniture, deliberately leaving traces of knife carving, it seems to have been used for many years. The painted paint is also mostly dim and matte, and the rejection of bright surfaces also stems from the hope that the older the furniture appears, the better.
Destruction is a processing process in which American furniture fully reflects the antique effects in the process of painting. It mainly mimics the traces left by wind erosion, insects, abrasions, and man-made destruction, and can shape the effect of historical continuation. The destruction of this substrate is mainly The following:
Worm hole. The wormhole is a trace left after the wood is eaten and worm-eaten after imitating the furniture for a long time. In general, moths are more common in the destruction of furniture and edge parts.
Filter marks. A file Mark is a mark that mimics the drawing of a piece of furniture with a zigzag during long-term use or storage.
Hammer marks. The hammer Mark is a trace left after the hammer is tilted at a certain angle. It mainly mimics the marks of being crushed or injured by other artifacts during the long-term use of the furniture.
Spray point. The points are mostly black and dark brown, which is a transparent or opaque coloring paint. It is commonly known as the "fly black spot". It mainly imitates the excrement left by flies or the traces of some colored objects splashed on the furniture during the long-term use of furniture. It is a process with strong antique effect.
The large size of American furniture can not hide the sophistication of the details. It is elegant and has a strong subjective feeling.
The home style of the United States is mainly rooted in European culture. When we say "American" furniture, we generally mean Federal Style.
American furniture also pays attention to decoration. In addition to bellgrass, wheat bundles, and marquee decorations, there are also some symbols of patriotism in the United States, such as eagle patterns. They are often inlaid with decorative techniques and decorated with paint or bas-relief.
The dignity of the keyword, which is not exposed, is inlaid with silver. In the United States, dignity is never on the surface, and people in rags are often millionaires.
Do not see the style of American furniture is relatively simple, in fact, every detail is permeated with a sense of dignity. American furniture generally uses walnut and maple. In order to highlight the characteristics of the wood itself, its veneer is treated with complex flakes, making the texture itself a decoration that can produce different light sensations at different angles. This makes American furniture more durable than the shiny Italian furniture.
American beds are extremely Regal, often in the form of four pillars and a canopy, and sleigh beds are also their favorite mode.
The essence of American style lies in a simple sense of gratitude that houses are used to keep people warm who live in them or come in occasionally.
In American movies, almost all families have a large living room on the first floor of the villa. The warm and chic fireplace is an indispensable equipment. Each family member has corresponding furniture and furnishings in all stages of life. The children's room, the elderly room's pattern and tone are in line with the characteristics of age. Although they are not keen to live together for generations, they strive to spend time with the closest family members on major holidays. The sofa of a home should be enough to carry nearly 10 people. The carpet will prevent the elderly from slipping. The child can freely lie on the ground to pile up building blocks or tease the dog. The open kitchen allows the hostess to listen to her husband's sweet words while cooking a big meal. This is the place where we have to spend our lives, and it's worth it for our families.
American furniture pays attention to natural solid wood in the selection of materials, pays attention to detailed carving in the process, but the style is no longer too public, and emphasizes the practicality and comfort of the furniture.
Comfort is the biggest feature of small American furniture. Unlike European furniture, which emphasizes luxury, the low-key luxury feeling is more like a real home. There is no feeling of a hotel or office, allowing people to come home as soon as they see it. Comfort and casual. It retains the material and color characteristics of traditional American furniture. While adhering to the original historical and cultural connotation, it also abandons the overly complex decoration, simplifies the lines, makes the shape more concise and bright, and the carved pattern returns to a secondary position. Instead, it is a tough straight line and incorporates elements of Korean style furniture such as bottle legs. The style is more in line with the Chinese people's favorite introverted, calm, and simple feelings.
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