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Mediterranean furniture

Mediterranean furniture Mediterranean simple living room sofa
It is mainly divided into four styles, from west to East, Spain's Côte d'Azur and white Beach; The blue-purple aroma of lavender in southern France; Sunflower fields in southern Italy sparkle golden in the sun; The White Greek village gleamed under the blue sea and blue sky; North Africa is characterized by deserts and rocks and other natural landscapes of red and brown, thick yellow color combination.
Origin and Formation
In Western Europe before the Renaissance, after a catastrophe and a long period of depression, the furniture art revived in the 9th to 11th centuries and formed its own unique style, the Mediterranean style. The atmosphere of Mediterranean furniture with its affinity for pastoral style and soft colors and combinations was quickly accepted by people in large areas outside the Mediterranean.
Paint for old treatment
This treatment not only allows the furniture to show the texture of classical furniture, but also shows the natural impression of furniture being blown by the sea breeze under the clear sea of the Mediterranean Sea. Such furniture is placed on the rest area on the side of the living room. In a small green basin, White pottery decorations and handmade iron Candlestick decoration, you can form a pure sense of the countryside.
Use color cleanly
Most of them are white or more white, and some use a strong Spanish style. The sky is blue and the sea is blue, so it is often compared with white and blue. The door frame, stairs, Windows, the face of the chair, and the legs of the chair will make blue and white colors. The blue and white different degrees of contrast and combination to the extreme. The kitchen floor is covered with colored ceramic bricks; Home has the mottled feeling of years; Accessories are casual and natural, using natural materials such as heavy logs. Furniture is also as natural as possible with low color, simple lines, and round trim, such as real wood furniture or vines.
Line Processing
Most Mediterranean style furniture has simple lines and rounded sides, with obvious regional characteristics. From the point of view of furniture design and manufacturing, there is not much skill, but to maintain a simple idea, capturing the direct light image of the Mediterranean coast, the rich material of nature, and the bold and free colors, which can highlight the beautiful Mediterranean style.
Typical color matching
Mediterranean style furniture
1, blue and white: This is a more typical Mediterranean color match. The White villages of Greece are joined with sandy beaches and blue seas and blue skies, and even the doorframes, Windows, and chairs are blue and white colors, with shells, fine sand walls, pebbles, mosaics, gold, silver and iron metal utensils. The blue and white different degrees of contrast and combination to the extreme.
2, yellow, blue purple and green: South Italy's sunflower, South France's lavender field, golden and blue purple flowers and green leaves, forming a unique mood of color combination, very natural beauty.
3, soil yellow and red brown: This is a unique desert, rock, mud, sand and other natural scenery in North Africa.
Product Series
Iron furniture
Iron art is a unique aesthetic product of Mediterranean style. The elegant stretch of the iron bed, iron chandelier, iron lamp .... everything is quietly telling the owner's retro feelings.
bamboo Vine furniture
In the Greek Aegean Peninsula, because of the prevalence of handmade art, local people attach great impoRTAnce to natural bamboo and rattan weaving. Therefore, bamboo and Rattan furniture occupies a large proportion in the Mediterranean region. They are never dominated by modern styles. The ancient furniture handed down by the ancestors is carefully protected by the people here. They believe that the longer they are used, the more ancient the flavor.

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