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Stone/slate/marble Furniture

Stone/slate/marble furniture including: natural marble, artificial marble, resin artificial marble! Selection of natural marble color natural, environmental protection; Artificial marble is rich in color and does not wear out; Resin artificial marble variety, color realistic, suitable for decoration of any place items!
1: Use red and brown series of granite carefully. 2: Daily use of acid objects must not touch the surface of Stone/slate/marble furniture.
Be careful to use red, brown series of granite, marble, if used, the area of decoration should not exceed 40 square meters.
Try not to buy the marble of the "mobile booth" because many of the marble is stained and the safety of the paint is problematic.
When choosing on the spot, there are three methods: eye, ear, and ink. Eye view: the uniform fine material structure of stone has a delicate texture, Stone for the best; The appearance of coarse and unequal grain structure stone is poor. Ear listening: the sound of good quality stone tapping is crisp and sweet; If there is a slight crack inside the stone or the contact between the particles becomes loose due to weathering, the tapping sound is hoarse. Drop ink: drop a small amount of ink on the back of the stone, such as ink quickly scattered out, that is, the inside of the stone loose or there are gaps, Stone quality is not good; If the ink drop does not move in place, it shows that the stone material is good.
When purchasing stone, consumers have the right to require the manufacturer to produce an inspection report, and they should pay attention to the date of the inspection report. Due to the differences in the location, ore layer, and origin of the same type of stone, there are great differences in its radioactivity. Therefore, when choosing or using stone, it is not possible to read a single inspection report, especially when it is used in large quantities in engineering, it should be tested in batches or stages.
Removal and maintenance.
1. When moving, erect the jade side. Do not remove the flat stone surface, the volume of products must be carried by several people, careful and light, not under pressure.
2. When transporting, stand aside and close when overlapping. Do not leave gaps. It is forbidden to put the plane upside down.
3. Do not use sharp hard objects to hit jade, which can cause jade protection layer scratch, burst or jade fracture.
4. Do not let acid objects touch jade surface when using.
In the maintenance of jade products, in addition to the normal use, there are also some characteristics of Stone/slate/marble furniture itself. For example, when the jade table table is in use, you must pay attention to bowls, dishes, cups and other utensils if the bottom is sharp and rough. Try to put a bottom cushion to prevent scraping the protective layer. In terms of cleaning, the normal wet cloth can be screwed to wipe, if there is oil stains can also be wiped with detergent, when commonly used cleaning detergent wax, can maintain the transparent gloss of the protective layer. If you encounter a little scratch on the protective layer, you can pour water on the scratch area first, then gently polish it with fine sand paper, and then clean the wax to restore the original appearance.
Stone/slate/marble furniture-white Cave Stone/slate/marble furniture White Cave Stone/slate/marble furniture, the predecessor of the White cave Stone/slate/marble furniture, should be marble furniture, that we remember the kind of gold, or black large table, large dining chair, thick volume, there is a sense of width. But it often makes the general public daunting.
However, it is this seam layer between mediocrity and luxury that provides a head-on opportunity for white cave Stone/slate/marble furniture. According to the introduction, the earliest appearance of white Stone/slate/marble furniture in China was about 2005. At that time, no one knew what this white stone was, and few people were willing to accept it.
It is understood that the cave stone is named after a small Honeycomb hole on the stone. At present, the most common ones on the market are Huangdongshi, and due to the need for style modeling and material matching, it is used for furniture design. Most of them are white cave stones. Baidong stone precipitation time is longer than marble, it is a pure natural furniture materials, clear and beautiful lines, the value is also more expensive than marble. Usually a white stone coffee table needs two or three thousand yuan, and the dining table costs tens of thousands of yuan. It is a nobleman in Stone/slate/marble furniture. The early white cave Stone/slate/marble furniture design is simple and can be regarded as a pure copy of marble furniture. In the past two years, designers have begun to pay attention to the art design of white cave stone, and the decorative nature of furniture has gradually increased.
Baidong Stone/slate/marble furniture, the market is very rare, one is because this kind of material is more expensive, and the other is the difficulty of making processing. However, Baidong Stone/slate/marble furniture has many advantages. Its material is very environmentally friendly and its texture also gives people a natural feeling. In addition, the emphasis on design over the years has made it not only a tool, but also an art value. Ornamental products and collectibles.
Non-neutral articles not to be touched
All Stone/slate/marble furniture is afraid of acid and alkali. For example, acid often causes oxidation of iron and iron minerals in granite to produce yellowish phenomena. Acid decomposes calcium carbonate contained in marble, causing surface erosion, and alkali also erodes the grain boundary of feldspar and quartz germanium crystals in granite. Causes the phenomenon of grain stripping. Therefore, non-neutral items are the source of the destruction of Stone/slate/marble furniture mirrors.
Don't wax at will.
There are many kinds of wax on the market, including waterborne wax, stearic acid wax, oily wax, acrylic wax, and so on. These waxes basically contain acid-base substances. Not only will block the breathing of Stone/slate/marble furniture capillary holes, but also stained with dirt to form wax, causing the surface of Stone/slate/marble furniture yellow phenomenon. However, if a place with a high frequency of pedestrians and goods must be wax, it must consult a professional maintenance company to guide the use of wax and maintenance.
Do not mess with non-neutral detergent
In order to obtain a quick cleaning effect, the general cleaning agent contains acid and alkalinity. Therefore, if the cleaning agent of unknown ingredients is used for a long time, the surface luster of the Stone/slate/marble furniture will be lost, and the residue of the non-neutral agent will also be the main cause of Stone/slate/marble furniture lesions in the future..
Don't cover carpets, debris for a long time.
In order to keep the Stone/slate/marble furniture breathing smoothly, it should be avoided to cover the carpet and debris on the Stone/slate/marble furniture surface for a long time. Otherwise, the moisture under the Stone/slate/marble furniture can not evaporate through the fine holes in the Stone/slate/marble furniture. Stone/slate/marble furniture will be due to excessive humidity, water content increase and produce annoying Stone/slate/marble furniture lesions if you must lay carpets, piled debris, please do not forget to change.
Keep it clean and clean.
Whether it is hard granite(hardness HRs88-111 ± 4-7) or softer marble(hardness HRs46-77 ± 3-5), it is not resistant to the long-term plagues of wind sand and soil particles. Therefore, from time to time to use the dust remover and static mop to do a thorough job of dust removal and cleaning. Commercial space entrance preferably can place dust mat, cross filter shoes with the sand grain home is best to start after wearing slippers, reduce the chance of sand dust wear Stone/slate/marble furniture surface.
To regularly maintain, maintain lustre
Just rely on dust removal, cleaning is not able to make beautiful Stone/slate/marble furniture lustre to keep. Therefore, it is impoRTAnt to regularly ask professional companies to send people to do maintenance and gloss regeneration maintenance work such as: using crystalline liquid to re-crystallize marble surfaces, or using polishing powder to regenerate marble or granite surfaces, or using polishing powder to regenerate marble or granite surfaces, or Use breathable gloss protectors and so on. All can make your Stone/slate/marble furniture as new as ever.
Clean up the pollution immediately.
All Stone/slate/marble furniture has natural pores, and pollution sources(oil, tea, coffee, Cola, soy sauce, ink, etc.) can easily penetrate into the interior of Stone/slate/marble furniture along the pores. Forming a nasty stain, therefore must choose a good quality Stone/slate/marble furniture special protective agent applied on Stone/slate/marble furniture to prevent pollution sources of Stone/slate/marble furniture. To know that all protective agents can not be 100 % long-term pollution, so once there is a source of pollution on Stone/slate/marble furniture must be clear immediately to prevent infiltration into the Stone/slate/marble furniture pores.
Keep it ventilated and dry.
Stone/slate/marble furniture is afraid of too much humidity in the environment. Water gas will hydrate, hydrolyze and carbonic acid on Stone/slate/marble furniture, produce water spots, whitening, weathering, denudation, rust and other lesions, and destroy Stone/slate/marble furniture. Therefore Stone/slate/marble furniture installation should always keep ventilated and dry.
Have regular protective treatment.

To protect the life of Stone/slate/marble furniture, prevent the infiltration of water and pollution sources, must be regularly(depending on the type of Stone/slate/marble furniture and the quality of protective agent is best 1-3 years to do 1-2 this treatment) for protection treatment.

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