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Solid Wood Furniture

Solid wood furniture is divided into beech wood, teak wood, maple wood, oak, red Peony, Ash wood, eucalyptus, poplar, pine wood, etc., among which beech wood, teak wood, red Peony are the most valuable.
In China real wood furniture industry is developing well at present, the research center of intellectual research data shows that with the continuous expansion of real wood furniture industry in China, real wood furniture industry in China will usher in a new development opportunities.
Solid wood furniture is classified as: wood furniture, comprehensive wood furniture, all solid wood furniture.
1, wood furniture: the main parts of decorative parts, accessories, other than wood, wood panels and other wood materials made of furniture.
2, solid wood furniture: solid wood sawn wood or solid wood plate made of the base material, the surface of the decorated furniture; Or on such substrates, the furniture is painted after the solid wood single board or thin wood(wood skin) is affixed. Solid wood plate refers to the wood material formed by secondary processing of wood such as integrated wood or wood board.
3, comprehensive wood furniture: The base wood is made of solid wood, artificial panels and other materials mixed furniture.
What kind of wood is good?
1. Pine: There are two main types of wood used for pine furniture. One is pine tail and the other is pine. The texture of the Masson pine is straight or oblique, and the structure is thick to thick. The disadvantage is that it is more serious when it is dry. Not resistant to corruption. Poor paint and adhesive performance. The grip is strong, and relatively speaking, as a woodworking board is less used in furniture. The price of woodworking board is generally about 3 times that of the same size fir integrated board or large core board. Zhangzi pine is widely used as a material for mid-range solid wood furniture, and many log furniture use pine wood. The pine material is strong, the texture is clear, and the wood is better. Compared with the fir, the wood pattern of the pine pine will be more beautiful and there will be less scars.
2. Oak(white oak, red oak): Oak is commonly known as oak. The scientific name of the real oak is oak. It belongs to the genus Fagaceae and the genus Acer. The red oak is called the red oak, and the white oak is called the white oak. In fact, the red oak is not really red., but the wooden yellow is somewhat pink. White oak is not white, but light yellow, which results in red oak white oak color difference is not very large, oak is characterized by hard, straight texture, thick structure, color elegant texture beautiful, mechanical strength is quite high, wear resistance, However, wood is not easy to dry sawing and cutting. At the same time, if the large area is deformed, the oak pattern also has the difference between straight lines and horizontal lines. The straight lines are better and the price is slightly more expensive. Use oak to pay attention, many with Southeast Asian rubber wood as oak, when buying wood, furniture to pay attention to. For rubber wood, the method of identification is that rubber wood has an odor, insects and corrosion.
3. Grapefruit: Grapefruit furniture is also a kind of solid wood furniture, but it is the top furniture for high-end furniture. Grapefruit itself has different grades of material. The grapefruit furniture with high grade such as old teak is rich in oil and grease, and has a strong feel of lubrication. The color of the surface that reveals the planed surface is through photosynthesis, which oxidizes to a golden yellow luster; The ink is delicate and rich. The low grade planting teak is dark in color, lacks a sense of oil, and is mostly used for making floor materials. Therefore, the color of teak wood floors is generally dim. The teak furniture on the market has very few teak furniture; Most of them are teak frame furniture or pasted teak skin. The other part is solid wood but not teak, called teak full solid wood furniture; There are other parts that are not solid wood are density plates. Grapefruit does not bend and crack in the case of large changes in sun, rain, and dry and wet; Strong resistance to water and fire; It can resist termites and sea worms in different sea areas and is extremely resistant to decay. Good drying performance, good adhesive, paint, waxing performance, good grip power, good comprehensive performance, it is a world recognized valuable tree species, enjoy the reputation of "king of all wood".
4. Shuiqu Liu: The largest proportion used in the decorative panel is the Shuiqu Liu panel. The reason why this type of panel is used is inseparable from its characteristics. Shuiqu Liu is a kind of wood belonging to the genus Oleaceae. The main producing areas are Northeast China, North China, Russia and other places. The biggest advantage of Shuiqu Liu is that its lines are beautiful and clear, such as as as decorative panels or furniture. Brush or whitening can reflect its beautiful pattern to the greatest extent, suitable for modern simple style, and the Ash wood panel is also a cheaper decoration panel. The disadvantage is that if it is used as a solid wood furniture, the deformation is large, so if it is a full solid wood, it is mostly spliced with small wood blocks. Most of the waterbending willow furniture seen in the furniture store is the main frame waterbending willow solid wood, and the large area part is attached to the waterbending Liushi wood skin, which is because of the deformation and shrinkage of the waterbending willow.
5. Rubber wood: Rubber wood is used to make building materials and furniture after cutting off gum from rubber farmers in Southeast Asia. The growth cycle is not long, so rubber wood furniture is not expensive; This wood is not prone to cracking and easy to maintain in dry areas in the North; The plasticity of rubber wood in the process of making furniture is good, so it can be suitable for making beautiful products with soft curves; Rubber wood solid wood texture is good, the texture is beautiful, the texture is uniform; Light color, easy to color, can accept all types of color dyeing and paint, easy to match with the color tone of other types of wood, paint performance is good; Good hardness, natural high strength wear resistance, especially applicable to stairs, floors, tables, countertops and so on. Rubber wood is not easy to dry, easy to bend deformation, wood processing easy, and plate processing easy deformation.
6. Elm: "Elm wood" is a description of people who are not open and difficult to understand. From this word we can see some of the performance of elm wood, elm wood wide, the texture of good; The deformation rate is small, the wood is tough, the texture is clear, the hardness and strength are moderate, it is suitable for carving, the plane surface is smooth, the string surface pattern is beautiful, and there is a pattern of "chicken wing wood" for furniture and decoration. The furniture made of elm is rough and simple in style. Moreover, the price of eucalyptus is high, and a Chinese-style antique log table consists of 6 chairs around 3000-4000 yuan.
7. Vertebrate: Vertebrate structure is dense, hard texture, not easy to deform, material color is pleasing, cutting surface is smooth and slightly fragrant, yellow color, few knots, moisture resistance and anti-rot. In the southern provinces, the superior ancient buildings are mostly made of vertebral wood because of its hard material, durability, and unchanged for 100 years. Modern export furniture is also made of vertebral wood. After testing, it will not deform or crack under the environmental test of minus 40 degrees to high temperature 60 degrees.
8. walnut wood: commonly known as walnut wood, is one of the world's most popular precious wood, especially in European countries, walnut, peach core wood, oak and three valuable wood. High-end European furniture uses more of these types of wood, but in our country, walnut status is not as prominent as in Europe. Walnut wood hardness is medium to slightly hard weight, fiber structure is fine and uniform, has strong toughness, especially in anti-vibration, anti-wear performance is excellent, has a ceRTAin degree of bending resistance, corrosion resistance. Our domestic walnut tree species mainly have two kinds of walnut and walnut pot, walnut wood furniture is almost unique to Shanxi furniture, although other regions also found, but not so concentrated in Shanxi area, so excellent. The walnut trees seen in the South are generally imported, and the prices of walnut trees produced in different places are very different. Everyone must see clearly.
9. Beech: also known as eucalyptus, wood material is firm, beautiful texture, for construction and artifacts. There are many kinds of beech wood. The center wood is reddish-brown and is called "blood beech". Some beech trees have natural and beautiful large patterns and their colors resemble pear wood. In ancient China, there was a saying that "Beibei Nanbei" refers to the use of eucalyptus in northern furniture and eucalyptus in southern furniture. Therefore, eucalyptus and beech wood are good materials for building furniture in the past and can be used as beds, tables, cabinets, etc.. Beech wood can also be used as a decoration panel, red beech decoration panels are used by many people.
10. Cypress: The material of cypress furniture itself still has some advantages. The wood luster is strong, Cypress has a strong aroma, the growth wheel is obvious, and the yellow stripes are obvious. The furniture made with it is better in texture and more beautiful. And cypress itself has a certain medicinal effect, so it is still very good for the human body. The density of cypress furniture is relatively large, it is not easy to rot in the water, and it is anti-odor and mildew. The general cypress furniture is used for at least 30 to 40 years. There are more scars on the surface of cypress furniture. If the good manufacturer handles it well, it will have no effect, and if it is not handled well, it will affect the grade. Cypress furniture wood contains more grease, so it is more breeding pests; Cypress furniture is generally relatively heavy, not easy to move, the shape is also relatively simple and simple, young people do not like it very much.
11. Birch: Furniture made of birch is easy to process, resistant to use, smooth cut surface, and has good paint and adhesive properties. The bark of birch is also more flexible and beautiful. Most manufacturers like to use birch as a core material for other furniture or as a mosaic material. The fiber shear resistance of birch furniture is poor, and it is easy to "break the stubble". There are many patterns in the roots and joints of birch, and the hygroscopicity is relatively large. When dry, it is easy to crack and warping, and it is not wearable. Because birch itself is juicy, the place where the place of residence is slightly humid must be carefully used, and care must be taken to avoid the phenomenon of furniture cracking in the sun.
12. Bubble Tung wood: Wear resistance, Tung wood has the unique characteristics of corrosion resistance acid and alkali, not easy to wear, so the wardrobe is very durable. The texture is beautiful and bright in color. The Tung wood has a beautiful and delicate texture. The natural pattern is particularly good. The appearance of the wardrobe is beautiful. Easy to engrave and dye, Tung wood is not easy to split but the wood is soft, easy to process, easy to engrave, easy to dye. If the wardrobe is used, it can be engraved with various patterns on its door plate to increase its decorative nature. In addition, it also has the advantages of impenetrable smoke, moisture insulation, and non-insect moths. The disadvantage of Tung wood furniture is that there is no large material, and the main disadvantage of Tung wood should be no large plate. Everyone knows that Tung wood is hollow in the middle, so it can only be a piece of wood, and then it is affixed or processed into a Joinery board to make furniture. It feels different from normal solid wood furniture. The texture is too light Tongmu furniture texture is very light, does not meet the Chinese value concept, Chinese people like some heavy wood to make furniture.
13. Redwood: The so-called "mahogany", from the beginning, is not the furniture of a particular tree species, but is the collective name for rare hardwood high-quality furniture since the Ming and Qing dynasties. The advantages of "mahogany" furniture: darker in color, reflecting the ancient style of ancient fragrance, used for traditional furniture; Heavy wood, giving people a good quality; Generally, the wood itself has its own aroma, especially sandalwood; The material is hard, high strength, wear resistance, and good durability. Disadvantages: Because of the small yield, it is difficult to have high-quality tree species and the quality is uneven; The lines and rings are not clear and the visual effects are not fresh enough; Heavy material, not easy to handle; The material is hard, difficult to process, and it is prone to cracking. The material is greasy and easy to return oil at high temperatures.

Commonly used furniture wood introduction:
1, mahogany: is the National tree of the Dominican Republic. Medium wood density, moderate soft and hard, dry reduction, stable size, corrosion resistance, good processing, adhesive and paint performance.
2, the wood: Jiangbei is a face of extinction of high-quality valuable wood. The texture is clear, the structure is fine and uniform, strong decay resistance, no deformation, no cracking, no odor.
3, red pine: light and soft material, moderate strength, good dryness, water resistance, corrosion resistance, processing, coating, coloring, glue good.
4, white pine: light and soft material, full of elasticity, detailed and uniform structure, good dryness, water resistance, corrosion resistance, processing, coating, coloring glue good. White pine has higher strength than red pine.
5, Birch: The material is slightly hard, the structure is fine, the strength is large, the processing, the coating, the glue is good.
6, paulownia: very light and soft material, thick structure, cutting water electric surface is not smooth, dry, not crack.
7, eucalyptus: The material is slightly light and soft, the structure is slightly thin, has silk luster, is not easy to crack, processing, coating, coloring, cementation is good. Not resistant to rot, slightly warped when dry.
Vertebrate wood: Vertebrate wood white yellow color, clear texture, hard wood, moisture resistance and anti-corrosion, made of furniture elegant and natural, without processing texture, can avoid strong color to the eye stimulus. There is "Hainan Huanghua Pear, Meizhou Shijiemu".
9, Shui Qu Liu: The material is slightly hard, the pattern is beautiful, the structure is thick, easy to process, the toughness is large, the coating, glue is good, and the drying is general.
10, elm: beautiful patterns, thick structure, processing, coating, good adhesive, poor dryness, easy to crack warping.
11, tussah wood: hard material, thick structure, high strength, difficult to process, good coloring, coating, poor adhesive, easy to dry, easy to crack.
12, beech: hard material, straight texture, fine structure, wear-resistant and shiny dry when not easy to deform, processing, coating, good adhesive.
Maple: moderate weight, fine structure, easy to process, smooth cutting surface, good coating, adhesive, warping phenomenon when dry.
14, camphor: moderate weight, fine structure, aroma, when dry, it is not easy to deform, processing, coating, adhesive good.
Willow: Medium material, slightly thick structure, easy to process, good adhesive and coating performance. Slightly cracked and warped when dry. Plywood made of willow wood is called Philippine plate.
16, Pear wood: hard material, texture, medium structure, corrosion resistance, not easy to dry, smooth cutting surface, better coating, adhesive.
17, rosewood(mahogany): Hard material, texture, thick structure, strong durability, shiny, smooth cutting surface.
18, Walnut: Good material, smooth plane, corrosion resistance, not easy to warping, shiny, excellent wood toughness.
19, rubber wood: clear texture, hard material, thick structure, easy to process, painting, good adhesive.
20, oak: Yamagata wood pattern, touch the surface has a good texture. Hard texture, solid structure, long service life, high grade, suitable for making European furniture, not easy to absorb water, corrosion resistance, strong.
21, red dragonfly: heartwood dark reddish-brown, light edge color, straight texture, detailed structure, beautiful pattern, tough texture, anti-insect rot, fast drying, small deformation, the most suitable for making advanced furniture.
22, man-made panels: commonly used plywood, plywood, fibreboard, particle board, hollow board and so on. Due to the different combination structures of various artificial panels, it can overcome the disadvantages of wood expansion, warping, cracking, etc.. Therefore, it has many advantages in furniture use.
Hickory: Hickory is a medium density, strong hardwood.
Solid wood furniture is divided into solid wood furniture and imitation wood furniture
Solid wood furniture:
All materials used for furniture are solid wood, including the desktop, closet door panels, side panels, etc..
European pastoral style pure wood furniture
All are made of solid wood and do not use any other form of artificial panels. Solid wood furniture has high requirements for process and material. The requirements for material selection, drying, fingering, and stitching of solid wood are very strict. If the process is not strict, cracks, loose joints, etc. occur in the small part, and the whole set of furniture is deformed and can not be used.
Imitation wood furniture:
The imitation of solid wood furniture, the so-called imitation of solid wood furniture, from the appearance is solid wood furniture, the natural texture, feel and color of wood are exactly the same as solid wood furniture, but in fact it is solid wood and
Full wooden bed
The furniture used for the mixing of artificial panels, that is, the planing board or medium density board fibreboard with thin wood patches, such as side panel tops, bottoms, shelves, etc.. Doors and drawers use solid wood. This process saves wood and reduces costs. The price of a set of imitation solid wood bedroom furniture should be about a few thousand yuan, and all solid wood furniture should be at least 10,000 yuan; On the market with a lot of imitation real high asking price, consumers can not pass the price identification, must master the real wood identification method.
The surface of solid wood furniture can generally see the true texture of wood, simple and calm, and occasionally the board surface of the tree knot also reflects the fresh and natural material, which is both natural and free of chemical pollution. Solid wood furniture is a healthy and fashionable choice. In line with the modern urban people noble nature's heart needs. Real wood furniture in the material selection of domestic real wood furniture as an example.
1, natural, environmental protection, healthy solid wood furniture reveals the beauty of nature and primitive. The reason why solid wood furniture is prosperous can be analyzed from the following three aspects:
First, from the color analysis, is its natural wood color. Log-colored furniture is natural and without chemical pollution. This is definitely the best choice for modern healthy life and meets the psychological needs of modern urban people advocating nature.
Secondly, in the selection of materials, the domestic real wood furniture is taken as an example. The main types are: peach core wood, walnut, beech, teak, maple, oak, eucalyptus, Ash wood, haitang, eucalyptus, poplar, pine, red Peony, etc.. Among them, walnuts, Ash wood, red Peony, beech, and eucalyptus are the most valuable. These materials come from nature and reflect the harmonious relationship between people and the environment. Designers love to use these materials, and they can add people oriented and nature-based modern design concepts to bring people closer to materials, people and nature. It gives you a sense of intimacy.
Finally, environmentally friendly decoration solid wood furniture is the protagonist of the market. Solid wood furniture in the process of processing and manufacturing, compared with those of the wood panel furniture, the amount of glue is quite small. The amount of glue used affects the level of environmental protection of furniture.
2, long service life. The service life of plate furniture generally ranges from 3 to 10 years. The service life of solid wood furniture is more than 5 times that of plate furniture.
3, solid wood home has preservation functions. At the same time, it can bring warm and smooth "wood gas" to the home environment, so it is popular among high-end consumers. Its advantage is that it embodies nature: natural texture, changeable form, furniture surface can generally see the beautiful pattern of wood.
4, solid wood furniture has its own unique style personality real wood furniture Raw Materials from natural, set the natural essence in one, real display of the unique taste of wood furniture: high-end, heavy, will have a long history of Chinese traditional culture and modern fashion elements combined, In the design of furniture, it gives new connotation to furniture, humanizes the furniture design more, makes it practical, modernizes, creates a new trend of solid wood furniture, and leads the new trend of furniture.
First, after the solid wood plate painting, the surface does not have the uneven phenomenon of glue seams and strips, and the physical performance is relatively stable during the long-term use process;
Second, the utilization rate of wood is high, in line with the principle of the ecological use of raw materials. Therefore, in terms of use and texture color, solid wood plate decoration board is more suitable for the use and decoration of furniture;
Third, although the amount of glue applied to the solid wood plate is greater than that of the solid wood wide plate, due to the protection of the double covered thick single plate, and the four-sided thick single plate cover, there are actually only 8 rubber seams on both sides and four sides. Therefore, the chemical substances volatilized by the adhesive in the solid wood plate are much lower than the volatilization of the solid wood wide plate and the solid wood integrated material, and are more environmentally friendly and healthier.
Fourth, because the core plate is made of small anisotropic wood, the surface of the plate is uneven and the degree of warping is small, and the upper and lower sides are covered with two planed thin wooden thick single plates, which can better eliminate the warping and cracking deformation of the board. And can improve the physical strength of the board in all directions;
Fifth, planing thin wood thick single board is a selection of large diameter grade excellent logs, and according to the texture, Yanseyange selection, using high-precision equipment and scientific planing method manufactured. This processing process, in the texture, color is very good, after the paint more prominent texture, the production of furniture can create a harmonious, high-end sense of value.
The main disadvantage of solid wood furniture is that it is easy to deform and it is difficult to maintain. For example, the sun can not be directly illuminated, can not be too cold and overheated, and too dry and humid environments are not suitable for solid wood furniture; If you do not pay attention when you use it, the temperature and humidity changes greatly due to frequent switching of air conditioners. Even qualified solid wood furniture products sometimes deform and crack. It can be said that no matter what kind of wood is used, how to work properly. It is difficult to avoid these problems.
Nanmu family four big wardrobe
Nanmu family four big wardrobe
Furniture is a durable product. In order to keep Changliang as new, care should be taken to protect the surface paint of the furniture when it is used. After the paint film is scratched, the furniture will lose its luster. Therefore, soft cotton cloth is usually used when taking care of furniture. In addition, wax maintenance is regularly performed.

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