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Folding Furniture

folding furniture is a type of furniture that can be compressed as much as possible by folding larger items. It breaks through the design pattern of traditional furniture and savors it. It has a unique beauty. It has both pragmatism and flexibility and freedom of use. It also has a variety of functions. Not only can it make a lot of space for the bedroom, but it does not have to be "mini" to shrink.
One of the modern furniture. The main features are simple shape, light use, dual use for home travel, easy to dismantle and fold, and save the use of housing area. Components can be made using small wood chips and panels, as well as other substitutes. The box-type folding furniture made in Shanghai, Beijing and other places, the table folded into a box shape, the chair or stool folded can be placed in the table, when not used as a suitcase, easy to carry. Folding chairs are mostly used for seat surface activities, suitable for use in public places such as the Ritual Theatre, and also for the use of seat surfaces and chairs and legs. When not in use, it can be folded and stacked without occupying space. Seating surface can be used for wooden boards, wood bars, plywood, planed board, lacquer cloth, canvas, leather and braided vines. Folding stools are mostly made of stool faces, or cloth face folds, covered with various artificial panels and other substitutes. A variety of furniture, is also a folding furniture, the main feature is the addition of some components, can be pulled out to push, flip folding, so that a piece of furniture can replace the use of several furniture.
The generation of folding is not imaginary, but human beings in the long life and production struggle of understanding and application of objective laws. Like the shape and decoration of artifacts, it is inspired by nature, just as it is from birds to airplanes. It is inspired by nature, but it is not copied by nature, but it is more advanced and more scientific and reasonable than nature. However, its initial stage generally imitates more natural components and gradually develops to a higher stage. This is also the process of human understanding of the development of nature from the surface to the essence, from the inevitable kingdom to the free Kingdom.
Folding products can exist and continue to develop because it has the advantages that are difficult to achieve in general products. Today we simply talk about the characteristics of folding furniture.
Small space occupancy
Small, economical and most efficient use of space
Folding is also an effective way to reduce the volume of the modeling structure. Folding products have special significance for the most effective use of factories, warehouses, hotels, restaurants, gymnasiums and housing space. For example, the size of a folding stool used for sketching is 28 × 24 × 23 cm, and its volume is only 1/4 .5 when it is opened. This can save space for easy storage, and can be used for more than one room, but also suitable for travel use.
2. Easy to carry
Some products need to be designed for small, portable, and portable because of special requirements. Folding products are a good form of meeting this requirement. For example, when folding a folding stool for travel sketching, you can put it in your bag or even put it in your pocket.
3. Security
Some sharp weapons(knives, needles, scissors) are folded and not only reduce the space occupied, but also ensure the safety of carrying.
Easy to sort out
4. Easy classification and use
The different shapes of folding furniture are easy to classify and use.
5. Use more than one thing
For example, a folding sofa can be used as a sofa during the day and can also be used as a bed at night.
Easy to transport
6. Easy handling and handling
Folding table, chair and other furniture after folding small, flexible, easy to store and carry. Another example is the use of plastic surface metal brackets, and modern movable walls in the form of accordion folding, light load, easy to decorate, beautiful, lock can be opened, can be divided, safety is strong, and installation is very convenient.
7. Enabling standardized design and production
Since most of the folded parts are the same, and many of them are symmetrical, only some parts need to be designed and a small number of molds can be used to assemble the finished product, which facilitates large-scale mechanical processing, improves work efficiency, and reduces labor intensity.
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