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Special Knowledge

The advantages of fir furniture


1) Natural appearance. The appearance of fir furniture is a pure nature. The grain of fir wood itself is clear and delicate. The fir made of furniture gives people a sense of quiet and soft in the texture. The color and tone of fir is a kind of natural color that makes people feel very warm and beautiful, full of natural sentiment. In the fir furniture we can not see any industrial atmosphere, there is only pure nature, so that the home life is fully integrated with the natural environment.
2) The smell is comfortable. Many people look at fir furniture is actually looking at its natural fragrance, fir's natural wood fragrance can not only make people smell very comfortable, but also inhibit the production of bacteria and kill bacteria in the air, is very beneficial to the human body.
3) The material is tough and light. In terms of the nature of fir furniture, because of the very long period of growth of fir, it has a fine and soft ring, the amount of oil contained in the material is very low, and the color of Yin and Yang itself is very evenly distributed, and, The material of fir is very tough and light, so whether it is manufactured or transported, it is very easy, both economical and practical.
4) Natural material. Due to the influence of the growth of fir, people do not need to make artificial construction when making furniture from fir. It can be said that it is a natural material, and it always reveals its natural posture. It can show its health, environmental protection and natural ideas in all aspects. The original posture is integrated with modern humanistic thoughts.
5) Health role. Chinese fir furniture has the health effect of eliminating fatigue and relieving stress.

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