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Quality Assurance

quality Assurance

We have an elite quality management team in the furniture industry with 20 quality engineers. The quality management team with the sense of responsibility, the division of labor is detailed and clear, each person daily work has a Solid basis, has a clear work purpose and goal. There are detailed quality inspection requirements and standards for each product. This quality team is under the direct authority of the general manager and is responsible for reporting to the general manager. Work closely with all departments to help, such as protect information with the business department, keep abreast of the latest quality feedback from customers and the details of the latest order quality requirements, and update and follow up on quality standards in advance. Maintain technical sharing and collaboration with the product development team. If there are any problems or potential problems, work together to provide relevant technologies that are useful to the production department in a timely manner to achieve the purpose of solving problems. Maintain engineering drawing sharing and discussion with drawing technician to ensure correct reuse for mass production.

IQC, timely communication with the purchasing department protection information, the most detailed and clear quality standards requirements to let the procurement department clear, to prevent serious quality problems in the future incoming materials. This quality team has all dedicated IQC engineer. All incoming Raw Materials will be checked 100 % according to the customer's requirements and our own industry quality standards. AQL II, Critical = 0, Major = 1.5, Minor = 4.0 to perform multiple inspections to ensure that the defective product is completely removed before production and does not flow into the production line. Conduct quality management training and quality standard training for relevant warehouse management personnel.

IPQC, each process section has a dedicated quality engineer at least following & monitoring the production process, with the workers in the production line to work around the clock. Before a product is produced, the relevant Department of the relevant workshop will hold product quality requirements and key points for a detailed explanation, so that each relevant cadre and worker has a clear concept of quality awareness and quality. Complete to have the problem to solve immediately, have the potential problem to discover immediately, the problem will be handled before the big goods production. The quality inspection on the production line is an impoRTAnt part, and human and material resources are invested in a lot. For products that need to be inspected for assembly structure, at least 4 or 10 sets will be assembled in the white body test group. Structural problems are the most important ones and must not occur.

IPQC includes the entire production process starting from raw material preparation, cutting for  length,  width, thickness,  gluing, lamination,shaping, broadband sand, double-sided planer, sand light, drilling, slot, final sanding , assembly, paint pre-processing, Paint spraying, reassembly, packaging a series of numerous quality control and inspection. Before the packaging is 100 % full inspection, any defects will be repaired and processed in a timely manner, and then re-inspection and assessment, then re-packed after improving.

FQC& FQC, to be honest, neither process needs to be executed because the previous quality management has been done perfectly. However, our quality team will do the same two quality inspection processes to prevent the fish from getting caught in the package. At the same time,we can also check whether the products are good after packaging are in place, and there are any product quality problems happened after packaging.

Finally, only waiting for the final inspection will be done from customers' qc guys.

Remarks: This Quality Team has been Setting up the quality standard for inspection refers to our customers’ requirements such asandetc. And planning a whole of working management system for all QC guys.

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